First Steps


Your character’s vital statistics and ship’s skills can be viewed and controlled through this panel, found at the bottom of your screen. Here’s a brief tour:

1. Fire Weapons!

Once you have selected a target by clicking on it and are within range, click here or press the 1 key to fire your energy weapons. Note, however, that enemies will either immediately flee or return fire – think carefully about your strategy…

2. Collector

If you come across an object on a planet and want to pick it up, target it as you would an enemy. When you’re within range (your ship will automatically make its way towards the object), click here or press the 2 key to take the item into your hold. Take care, the collection process can take a few seconds – don’t rush off before it’s complete!

3. Other Ship Functions

As the game progresses, you’ll be able to acquire equipment and even other ships with new capabilities – more numerous than is practical to list here. Ranging from rockets to shields, boosters and even self-repair systems, each of those functions are controlled from this area (you can re-arrange the buttons and re-assign the hotkeys should you so desire).

All of these functions have a limited repeat rate – for example, once you’ve fired your weapons you’ll have to wait a short while before they have recharged and are ready to fire again. The icon will indicate the progress of the recharge.

4. Character Level

As you progress through the game and accrue experience points, your character level will also increase; your current level is displayed here. New missions, ships and modes are all unlocked as your character level increases – there’s always something new and exciting around the next corner.

5. Cryonite Crystals

This counter shows you the number of Cryonite crystals you have in your possession. Cryonite is the currency of the Pirate Galaxy universe, it is collected by destroying Mantis ships and collecting the remains or completing missions. They can be exchanged for upgrades to your ship or even brand new ships at space stations – see Gameplay Modes.

6. Energy Level

Almost every single function on your craft needs energy, without it you are defenceless! You can collect energy from the blue energy capsules that are littered across all the planets, just select them and use the collector (see above). The maximum amount of energy you can store increases with your level; it’s always a good idea to keep yourself topped-up, as collecting energy during missions can waste valuable time.

7. Power Up! (Coming Soon)

This button will take you to another area, beyond the star base hangar, where you can purchase additional items that enhance your gameplay experience… Coming soon!

Items of the week

The Starterpack
For a quick and easy start into the game. Costs only 7470 Gold bullions