The Forum:

What is it for?

In the forum you can find hints and advice from players for players. You can reach it here.

Pirate Mode:

What does it do?

Pirate mode is Pirate Galaxy’s PvP (Player vs. Player) mode. When you have this mode enabled whilst on a planet surface, you can attack and be attacked by other pirates. If you successfully defeat another player in this mode you gain experience and have the chance of collecting blueprints for improvements to your ship. If you successfully shoot down a Mantis craft whilst in Pirate Mode, you receive 5% more experience points than you would have otherwise earnt.

How do I activate it?

Pirate mode becomes available relatively early in the game – once you’ve reached level 6. Once at this level, a skull icon becomes visible at the top of the screen. Click on it and you'll be away within seconds!

The Star Base:

What do I use the hangars for?

In the course of the fight against the Mantis, you’ll come across a number of blueprints. These contain all the information the star base engineers need to upgrade your ship. If you find a blueprint and want to use the technology printed on it, just go to a star base – they’ll fix you up, for a price…

How do I get there?

You can go to one of the many star bases even earlier in the game – once you’ve reached the 4th level, you’ll be able to fly right into the hangar when in orbit.


My first starship is nice… but I want more!

You can get new vessels in star base hangars, too. Once you’ve reached level 7 (and have the prerequisite number of Cryonite crystals) you can upgrade to a new ship. Do note, however, that not all ships are available at every star base. Keep an eye out for the one you want!

My ship was destroyed. What should I do now?

Don’t panic! When the on-board computer realises all is lost, it automatically sends out a distress call and a rescue ship is sent to take you and your ship to the nearest star base hangar. There, you can repair your ship (though this will, of course, cost crystals). Before you’re able to carry on you must make sure that - at a minimum - your heat shield is fully functioning, else your ship won’t be able to survive the descent through planetary atmospheres.

Are there different classes in Pirate Galaxy?

Certainly! Your class is defined by the type of ship that you fly; tanks can be chosen to simply charge on the enemy, stunners can cripple enemy ships, healers for when feel like aiding your comrades in battle or you can buy a battleship that can be fitted with an unparalleled array of weapons.

I bought a new ship, but I don’t like it – can I change my class again?

Of course, simply buy another ship!

I’ve bought a new ship but some capabilities aren’t active – what do I do?

Some ship’s abilities are only available through upgrades – you’ll need to obtain the appropriate blueprints. Look through the available missions, the blueprint you seek will almost certainly be a reward for completing a mission...

What rewards can I receive for accepting missions?
a. The specified blueprint (or the Mantis ship carrying it) will become visible on your map.
b. If you successfully collect it, you’ll also receive payment in the form of Cryonite crystals
c. Of course, you also get to keep the blueprints for yourself!


If you’re feeling meek, you can find many items just lying around on the planets of Pirate Galaxy, but if you’re in more of a fighting mood, you can obtain much of the following by destroying either Mantis or other player’s ships:


Blue energy caplets are distributed randomly throughout the planets in the game. They’re needed to use practically every skill in the game, so keep yourself topped up. The maximum amount of energy you can store increases with rank.

Cryonite Crystals:

These are the green crystals sometimes left behind after shooting down Mantis ships. They form an in-game currency; you can exchange them for upgrades (when you have the necessary blueprints) at star bases.


Blueprints are particularly useful – it’s always a good idea to pick them up if you see them, even though you can’t tell what they are for before you collect them. They can contain details for auto-repair systems, new weapons or even enhancements to your ship’s drive.

To obtain any of these items merely click on them, your ship will move within range and you can then click on the collector (or press 2). Do note - you’ll need to stay stationary for a few seconds before the item is safely in your hold.


Vega 2 is a nice place, but I want to explore the universe – how do I do that?

Once you reach level 5, you’ll gain access to the star map when you’re in orbit. There, you’ll see all the planets and other objects in your star system. Before you can actually set off, you need to work out a safe route – this is done by sending out a probe. These probes cost crystals and take a little time, so choose your next destination wisely. Once the probe returns, you can travel uninhibited.


What is a squadron?

A squadron is a formation of player-controlled pilots – you can link up with your friends and take on the Mantis together!

What advantages do squadrons bring?

Working together eases the gameplay in several ways. In addition to training together, you can accept and complete missions together – allowing you to achieve objectives that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve on one’s own.

I am in a squadron and I can’t accept missions.

Only the squadron leader can accept missions on behalf of his/her squadron. These missions are then available for all active squadron members. As each player can only take one mission at a time, you may have to cancel a previous mission before you can accept another one.

How do I join a squadron?

You can create or join a squadron whilst in orbit – you’ll find the squadron options in the side menu.

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