The Game


If you’re feeling meek, you can find many items just lying around on the planets of Pirate Galaxy, but if you’re in more of a fighting mood, you can obtain much of the following by destroying either Mantis or other player’s ships:


Blue energy caplets are distributed randomly throughout the planets in the game. They’re needed to use practically every skill in the game, so keep yourself topped up. The maximum amount of energy you can store increases with rank.

Cryonite Crystals:

These are the green crystals sometimes left behind after shooting down Mantis ships. They form an in-game currency; you can exchange them for upgrades (when you have the necessary blueprints) at star bases.


Blueprints are particularly useful – it’s always a good idea to pick them up if you see them, even though you can’t tell what they are for before you collect them. They can contain details for auto-repair systems, new weapons or even enhancements to your ship’s drive.

Retrieving items

To obtain any of these items merely click on them, your ship will move within range and you can then click on the collector (or press 2). Do note - you’ll need to stay stationary for a few seconds before the item is safely in your hold.

Items of the week

The Starterpack
For a quick and easy start into the game. Costs only 7470 Gold bullions