The Game


Once the introductory mission has been successfully completed, you can leave the planet and move into orbit by clicking on the appropriate button in the panel at the top of the screen. You can also use this panel to change to other game modes as they become available. Here’s a brief summary:

Surface Mode:

You start the game on the surface of Vega 2 and you should familiarise yourself with the gameplay there, as all the missions play out on planet surfaces. This is where combat occurs, missions are completed and energy as well as Cryonite can be collected.

Orbit Mode:

A planet’s orbit is somewhat similar to a building’s lobby. Here, you can examine and select missions or even prepare fleets for those missions. If you feel you need to take a break from fighting the Mantis, you can escape to orbit and recharge… until your next encounter…

To select new missions, click on the "Panel" button at bottom of the screen, click on the translucent blue bar on the right side of the screen or press the space bar and then select the missions tab.

Space Stations:

Space stations give you the opportunity to augment your ship with new equipment. Once you’ve obtained blueprints for the desired upgrade, space station technicians would be pleased to install it – in exchange for Cryonite crystals, of course.

You can also purchase entirely new spacecraft, provided you have enough crystals. As different species own and operate the space stations, the craft designs and capabilities vary from station to station – keep an eye out for the best deals!

Star Map Mode:

To leave the first planet’s orbit, you need to look at the star map. Here, you can see all the planets, moons and star gates (more on these later) in the current system.

The route to all of these objects is ascertained by sending a probe – it will make its way to and back from the object, ensuring the route is free and safe. Once the probe returns, you can make your way to that object uninhibited.

Star Gates:

Once you’ve completed all necessary story missions in a system (marked yellow), you can use the star gates to move to the next star system.

Pirate Mode:

Pirate mode is unlocked after you have completed the first few levels in the game. When you switch to this mode, you can attack – or be attacked by – any other pirate player on the surface of a planet. To switch to this mode, simply click on the skull in the middle of the panel at the top of the screen. After a short delay, you’ll be a pirate!

Whilst a pirate, choose your targets carefully - as they will certainly shoot back…

Conquest Mode:

Priate Galaxy gives you the option to join fleets (similar to Guilds). As a member of a fleet, you can take part in interplanetary conquest – taking control of planets and all that comes with them.

When a planet is available for conquest mode, competing fleets may conquer the planet by capturing – and holding – a number of strategic locations on the planet. The fleet that holds these points the longest has conquered the planet.

A conquered planet brings the victorious fleet a bonus – equivalent to the Mantis’ Cyronite in that star system and a smaller amount in surrounding systems.

Items of the week

The Starterpack
For a quick and easy start into the game. Costs only 7470 Gold bullions